• Commercial Loans

    We do offer similar to hard money loans ranging from interest rates from 7-12% that range from 3, to 5, to 8 year terms depending on whether there is a prepayment penalty or not. We have several commercial partners to assist us with the financing and underwriting abilities. We will be able to get you a conditional loan approval within one day of submission. For a submission we will need page one of the 1003 filled out and a credit report. Once that is done we can submit to underwriting and then an approval for funding. We offer from 1-4 units for investors and also commercial properties. Rates are as low as 6.75% and a a loan minimum of 75K. We do not require any income documentation and have loan to value offers up to 75% LTV.

    Step 1 - Credit Pull and Page 1 of a 1003 application.

    Step 2 - Submission of Application and credit report

    Step 3 - Underwriting and Conditional Loan Approval - CLA

    Step 4 - Funding and Closing

    Please contact us for more information about our commercial loan service at 904.513.8000 or fill out the "Get PreApproved" tab for us and we will respond to you with a call back within 24 hours. It is a very fast funding service since there are no income documents required to close.