• "I have not purchased a home in almost nine years, so I had a lot of questions and concerns. The mortgage brokers explained the process very well. Thanks!" -John P.

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  • "These mortgage brokers know everything you need for the underwriters to make the deal. From navigating the IRS tree to documenting our gift funds". -Lauren B. 

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  • "They were very reliable and worked efficiently to come through on their promises. I am very grateful to have them work along with me in the purchase of my new FL home!" -Mo H.

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  • "Everyone told us we couldn't get financed but they made sure that we were able to buy our first home. I would trust them again and again.  We love the house!" -Zach H.

    PreApproval Applicaton

  • Step 1: Collection of Required Paperwork & PreApproval

    1. Two years tax returns and W2's (or 1099's)
    2. Last two pay stubs
    3. Two months bank statements - all pages
    4. Copy of DL and SS Cards
    5. Any additional asset or property documentation

    Step 2: The Mortgage Application

    1. The mortgage application is basically a two year financial picture of you and your credit history.
    2. Credit Pull to input liabilities into application.
    3. Run DU for up front underwriting approvals.

    Step 3: Underwriting & CTC

    1. Once the application is completed your loan goes to underwriting.
    2. Simple Terms: It is like submitting an english paper to a teacher. They ask questions and then give it back to us. We make the corrections and give them explanations. This goes on typically two times before the loan is finally approved for closing.

    Step 4: Closing & Funding

    1. Two forms of ID.
      • On closing day you are required to bring two forms of ID such as a social security card and driver's license.
    2. Cashiers Check or Wire.
      • Most of the time a cashier's check is acceptable and in some cases a wire of funds are required. At the closing your financing will fund once all documents are signed and your check or wire is accepted.

    The overall mortgage process appears more overwhelming than it really is.  We like to describe the process like flying on an airplane.  There will almost always be turbulence during your flight, but we will get you there safely.