• “What is a mortgage calculator? How can it help me in my home buying process?”

    These and many other questions are often asked by prospective home buyers across Florida. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at Carbon Capital is always happy to answer, placing you on the path towards making well-informed financial decisions.

    Buying your first home is as exciting as it is overwhelming, which often leads to several mistakes that can be easily avoided through proper planning and reasonable expectations. This is where a mortgage payment calculator comes in.

    The mortgage calculator is a highly beneficial tool for new and experienced home buyers alike, helping you determine your current financial situation and thus informing you of the payment amount that you can handle each month. It does so by comparing a wide range of important variables, including the cost of a home, the required loan amount, the interest rate, and the loan term.

    It is also important to consider additional variables associated with a home purchase, such as the property tax, the PMI (private mortgage insurance – payable to your lender) and more.

    The fact is, you and your lender may have very different ideas on what you are able to afford, particularly if your credit score is not ideal or if your income is not regular. Before you even begin looking at potential homes to purchase, it is very important to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

    Our loan calculator tool can greatly speed up the process, best supplemented by a consultation with one of our mortgage specialists at Carbon Capital.

    Our mortgage calculator is located below.  If you are interested in up to date mortgage insurance quotes please contact us at main line in order to properly serve the entire monthly payment.  We will also need to include taxes and homeowners insurance, possibly flood insurance, HOA fees and CDD fees in addition to other monthly fees.  Please contact a mortgage professional to review your situation fully.

    To learn more about utilizing the mortgage payment calculator, please do not hesitate to contact us today.