• Ways to Pay Off your Loan Faster

    August 24, 2016
  • Typically, when you apply for a loan or mortgage in Jacksonville, or any other city, your broker will sit down with you and discuss all of the terms of the loan. One of the most common methods for determining the amount you will pay each month over a period of time is by using a loan calculator. A loan calculator in Jacksonville area is an ideal tool that allows you to budget each month so you know exactly how much you will pay and how long it will take to pay the entire loan or mortgage.

    Most lenders offer payout options; that is, you can pay off your mortgage or loan early without a penalty. If this is your goal, here are some ways to find extra funds in your budget:

    • Brown-bag it: Buying your lunch everyday can really add up. If you spend $10 a day on lunch, that’s $50 a week, or $200 a month. That money could easily go towards your loan or mortgage.
    • Invest in a travel mug: Hitting the drive-thru at your favorite coffee shop every morning? Think about buying a $5 travel mug and filling up before you leave in the morning.
    • Buy groceries in bulk: When something goes on sale, don’t just buy one; buy several so that you don’t have to pay full price. This is a great idea for food, meat and non-perishables like bathroom tissue, paper towels and toothpaste.
    • Pay bi-weekly: Paying your loan bi-weekly instead of monthly will save you a ton of interest and can cut years off of your term length.
    • Have a goal in mind: Have a clear goal as to when you want to be debt-free. Remind yourself of your goal when you’re in a store looking at yet another pair of shoes or set of golf clubs on sale that you just HAVE to have!

    Carbon Capital offers a loan calculator tool in Jacksonville to help you get an idea of how much of a mortgage you can afford.