• Andrew Saltman

    Loan Consultant

    P (904) 513-8000

    Know Your Why:

    We were first time home buyers trying to buy our first home.  We contacted a large reputable bank still in business today who we had bank accounts with.  We didn't know how things worked at all, we just did what they told us to do for months.  A couple days before the closing was to take place we were not given what is called a "clear to close" or any affirmation that things were looking good (even after paying for an appraisal).  They effectively denied us without giving us an explainable reason.  We asked our realtor for help and she referred a local mortgage broker.  He closed us in less then three weeks.  I quit my job to go work for him.  The rest is history...

    • Born 10-16-1980 in Trenton New Jersey
    • Graduated Hun School of Princeton in 1999
    • Graduated University of Tampa in 2003 BS in Finance
    • Worked in sports from 2000-2010 (Including New York Yankees)
    • Worked for various Real Estate & Mortgage Brokers from 2010 - 2014
    • Top Producer and Principal of Carbon Capital in 2014
    • Married with children in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida
    • Regular golf and tennis enthusiast with a love to travel

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