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    Team Lead & Loan Consultant

    Why We Exist:

    We were buying our first home in 2010 with a major local bank and it was taking forever!  It took so long I felt that we were not good enough people in the banks eyes.  We submitted our loan with a 750 plus credit score and 20% down for a Conventional Loan.  The bank denied us the loan because of the debt to income ratio being too high. This was denied after appraisal, inspection, and TONS of our time were taken up.  I could not believe how frivolous they were with our situation!  We were referred to a Local Mortgage Broker who told me he could close the loan in three weeks.  I had honestly never even heard of a mortgage broker before.  We got a contract extension and he closed on time restructuring our loan into an FHA loan with just 3.5% down which offered us higher debt to income ratio and approval when qualifying.  The major local bank couldn't even structure our loan up front properly or have the skills to make the adjustment later on!  We closed with the mortgage broker and bought our first home!  I did not want to have our housing situation in chaos ever again so I changed careers, got my mortgage license and went to work for THAT mortgage broker and the rest is history...

    • Born 10-16-1980 in Trenton New Jersey
    • Graduated Hun School of Princeton in 1999
    • Graduated University of Tampa in 2003 BS in Finance
    • Worked in sports management and finance from 2003-2010 
    • Worked for various Mortgage Brokers from 2010 - 2014
    • Founder of Carbon Capital in 2014
    • Married with two children in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida
    • Regular golf and tennis enthusiast with a love for traveling

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